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Healthy Diet


Horseradish Okra

1. bought okra cleaned.

2. The fire boiling water until broken health.

3. Over what ice.

4. erected a knife cut.

5. Place the soy sauce, horseradish and oyster sauce into the bowl and mix well.

6. Pour the chopped okra can be eaten.


Horseradish fungus

First, the fungus scalded with boiling water, then with cold water too cold, first with horseradish sauce taste very fresh and mix thoroughly, add a small amount of MSG, sugar & nbsp; sesame oil and mix well, add the pepper and cut into circles both beautiful and delicious, plus a small amount of sesame oil


Horseradish Spinach

1. Spinach pick good to the root, wash several times with water. Blanched spinach for 2-3 minutes, then into cold water dry control moisture.

2. Place the spinach grip dry water, into a clean pot. Add soy sauce, vinegar, salt, sugar and stir horseradish that is OK ~