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Diet Culture



Horseradish, in recent years more and more familiar and widely used one condiment. As well as a variety of raw seafood and salad seasoning necessary, the various medicinal value horseradish is also more is the world's medical marvel. The study found that horseradish is rich in vitamins, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Root oil copies, with sterilization, stomach, aid digestion and so on. There are a variety of nutrients the body needs, and can inhibit gastric cancer cell proliferation, in a foreign country has been used as health vegetables, and expensive. Everywhere in Europe, pharmacy, horseradish extract prepared by a variety of drugs. Many more species in the Japanese market, as the main raw material made with horseradish various snack foods is preferred by consumers.

Horseradish grown fond of White Night where large temperature difference, confirmed in Wafangdian City, Liaoning Province, China is the most suitable place to grow horseradish, latitude and longitude various climatic conditions, to the natural growth of horseradish provides excellent requirement. Wafangdian horseradish sold worldwide, is the world's horseradish major output source. Therefore, Rongchang companies in this film is the most suitable place to grow horseradish, horseradish has the world's largest of its own plantations. For making authentic food healthy horseradish laid a good foundation.


Scientific knowledge - the difference between horseradish and mustard

Food value Root spicy taste for seasoning or consumption; plants can be used for feed.

Medicinal Value

Tropism of taste: Pungent; warm. Owned by the stomach; gall; bladder.

Indications: indigestion; urination; cholecystitis; arthritis.

Horseradish is rich in various vitamins and iron, calcium, phosphorus, cobalt, zinc and other minerals. Oral pharmaceutical for stimulants, external lead red; horseradish with a diuretic, the effect of nervous excitement.

Horseradish leaves contain glucose isothiocyanate (glucosinolate), which is mainly composed of glucose, allyl isothiocyanate (allylglucosinolate), also known as black mustard glycosides (sinigrin), also contains a small amount of glucose phenyl isothiocyanate (benzylglu-cosinolate) and the like. Full plant containing volatile oil and mustard oil. The seeds contain fatty oils and alkaloids.

Horseradish, in recent years more and more familiar and widely used one condiment. Over the years, however, it should be very fresh horseradish spicy, choke the misconception has misled consumers. In fact, good taste should be a touch of horseradish products rather than the nose, spicy, mild taste rather than spicy, sweet with a slight bitter taste. The only standard for high-quality products, which was defined horseradish.


Western Differences

Western diet is very different, these differences also have an impact on the national character. In China, any feast, no matter what purpose, there will be only one form, is everyone sitting around, sharing one seat. Use a round-table banquet, which created a unity in form, courtesy, co interesting atmosphere. Delicacies on the table of people in the center, it is both a table of people appreciate the object of taste, but also a table of people emotional exchange vehicle. People toast each other, make each other dishes, advised dish, in front of the good things, it reflects the mutual respect between people, be courteous virtue. Although from the health point of view, this diet has obvious shortcomings, but it is consistent with our nation "happy" the general state of mind, reflecting the classical Chinese philosophy "and" ideological influence this area for future generations, to facilitate collective emotional communication, which has been difficult reforms.

Western-style banquets, the food and wine, although very important, but in fact it is as a foil. Core party that friendship, conversation between turns to the guests through, to achieve the purpose of friendship. If the friendship of the banquet and dance analogy, it can be said that Chinese banquet is like a group dance, and men and women is like a Western-style banquet ballroom dance. Thus, Chinese and Western-style banquet dinner the purpose of friendship is very obvious, Chinese banquet of friendship reflected in the meal is served, while Western-style feast reflected in the friendship between the neighboring guests. Chinese diet and the difference is more pronounced Western popular buffet. This method is: all the food on display one by one, we take what we need, not necessarily fixed in the seat to eat, walk around freely, in this way to facilitate emotional communication between individuals, do not have all the words on the table, also showed Westerners personality, self-respect. But each eat their own, each disturbance, the lack of some Chinese people talk Huan mood music altogether.

Therefore, the difference in the final analysis between emotional and rational. However, this difference seems to change with the development of science and fuzzy. More and more Chinese people to no longer focus only on food color, smell, taste, but focus more on its health and nutrition of. Especially after experiencing SARS. Also, because more and more busy people work, think Chinese food done too much trouble, it is better to burgers and convenient. As a result there is less difference in the diet is clearly a.